Dr. Raj Kanodia, Plastic Surgeon to the Stars, Offers Bel Air Mega-Mansion at a Record $1.5M/Month

Dr. Raj Kanodia, Plastic Surgeon to the Stars, Offers Bel Air Mega-Mansion at a Record $1.5M/Month

Published: May 30, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

A cool $1.5 million monthly is the new record-high rent for Los Angeles; that’ll get you 30 days in tuck-n-tighten doc Raj Kanodia’s trophy contemporary in Bel Air. One question: does the rent price indicate first, last and security? $4.5 million for key money is a trifle steep.

Well, if your financials are resilient enough to cavalierly endure that kind of monthly damage, the question isn’t likely to be germane. You’ll probably be more interested in size, style and amenities, and only possibly in that order.

The contemporary mansion measures 34,000 square feet; that is, considerably larger than the house it replaced. Kanodian paid $7 million for the property, razing a 1949-built traditional in favor of the palatial contemporary; the project was completed in 2012 or 2013.

The home’s style is thoroughly contemporary. Open, boxy, with atmosphere replacing ornament, a Versailles-esque ideal of scale, and high-end materials like limestone, marble and exotic woods providing texture and style. A trophy home, then, and one that fits right in next door to Bruce Makowsky’s spec-built ultra-home, which listed two years ago at $250 million, but has been considerably reduced in price.

This property listed last year for $180 million. The house contains 20 baths and 9 bedrooms, a besting of the 2:1 ratio that is the reigning fundamental rule of thumb for high-dollar new construction. Amenities include an outdoor pavilion with catering kitchen, wet bar, and enough space to serve a couple of hundred guests; a wraparound infinity pool; and stunning mountain-to-Catalina views from the 1.2-acre hillside lot.

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