Billionaire Oleg Tinkov Spends $112M on 252′ Ice Breaker

Billionaire Oleg Tinkov Spends $112M on 252′ Ice Breaker

Published: May 4, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Superyachts are far from a dime a dozen, but this $112-million vessel purchased by billionaire Oleg Tinkov truly is one of a kind.

The Russian banker turned to Damen Shipyards for the project, commissioning them to build the 252.6-foot custom icebreaker yacht, which has been christened La Datcha (a.k.a SeaExplorer 77). La Datcha is the only icebreaker vessel ever built for a private owner’s adventures.

The Damen SeaXplorer stands out from other superyachts, because it’s constructed to navigate traditionally unreachable destinations. After its grand debut in warmer waters, La Datcha is scheduled to roam through Antarctica and put its ice-breaking skills to good use.

The six-deck yacht guarantees supreme comfort and recreation with features like a dive center, a decompression chamber, several water toys, and two helicopter hangars. Up to 12 guests will easily be accommodated for up to 40 days at sea at a time.

La Datcha is expected to be delivered in the fall of 2020.

Tinkov is a banker, entrepreneur, and avid cyclist. His net worth is north of $2 billion.

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