Lexus LM Minivan Is an Ideal Executive Conveyance

Lexus LM Minivan Is an Ideal Executive Conveyance

Published: April 25, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Luxury automaker Lexus just unveiled its first minivan design at the Shanghai Auto Show. A quick look at the grille of the vehicle raises a question: Good lord, man, where will it end?!

But soft. Onto an illuminating look at the interior.

Comfort, connectivity, and small meeting-ready hospitality were the primary concerns during development. Although a seven-seat configuration is available, the Shanghai model was especially impressive with its four-seat business-class lounge-style seating.

Designed specifically for the Chinese market, the LM is the ideal vehicle for navigating the hustle and bustle of big cities with ease. The front two seats are divided from the back two with a large glass privacy partition featuring an equally large 26-inch display. For less formal excursions, the panel can be lowered to include front passengers in the conversation. The executive rear seats feature ventilation, heat, and massage functions, nice features when the traffic spikes; the refrigerator, 19-speaker sound system, and Blu-ray and monitor handle more lengthy commutes after work.

The stylish—well, stylish for a minivan—exterior design features are dramatic: the massive grille rises into a large windshield; the shape crests above the driver’s cabin, and the roof falls gently away to the aero-enhancing extended eve on the rear.

As of now, the adventurously styled vehicle is exclusive to Asia.

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