B&O’s $20K BeoVision Harmony TV Hides When Not in Use

B&O’s $20K BeoVision Harmony TV Hides When Not in Use

Published: April 23, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

The elephant in the room—the television. When not in use, an adversary of style. Back in the day, console models attempted to make the TV eye furniture, with a nominal degree of success. But today’s screens are gaping black holes on the walls of otherwise graceful living spaces.

A number of luxury tech brands have been trying to disguise the eyesore while still offering advanced tech features and beautiful display quality. LG’s roll-away screen concept is a nifty solution, for example, secreting away when not in use, and leaving only an unadorned rectangle in its absence.

Bang & Olufsen recently introduced its own take on a discreet TV, though: the BeoVision Harmony. And it’s as inventive and sculptural as any classic B&O design.

Unlike many designs from competitors, B&O’s TV doesn’t completely disappear. Instead, it transforms, as visitors at the recent Milan Design Week discovered. The architectural TV features rotating panel speakers that cover a portion of the flat screen. When in use, the panels rotate below the screen.

However, when disengaged, the panels (also available in gray) transform the TV into a sort of sculptural creation that’s much more pleasing to look at than a 77-inch black square. In effect, B&O’s innovative TV harmonizes, enhancing its surroundings.

Available in October starting at around $20,800, the new BeoVision Harmony features a 77-inch LG C9 OLED screen and a 7.1 surround sound that connects with up to eight Beolab speakers.

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