Jodie Foster Completes Sale of Elegant Traditional in the 90210 for $14.9M

Jodie Foster Completes Sale of Elegant Traditional in the 90210 for $14.9M

Published: April 20, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

When Jodie Foster listed her Beverly Hills traditional-style this winter, it looked like a quick sale in the making. In the end, it was; not blazing fast, perhaps, but not a long wait.

The home asked $15.9 million, and Foster accepted an offer of $14.9 million. Not too far off the mark. But, then, the 7,500 square-foot home has a great deal going for it. Not least is the size of the lot. The property extends to almost two-thirds of an acre; landscaping is very private, with mature trees, gardens, and a nice swath of lawn giving the grounds a secretive and sylvan feel.

The five-bedroom, six-bath home dates to 1952, and has seen many a renovation since it went up. The interiors aren’t quite open-concept, but room-to-room flow is superb, and the house has a liberated, joyous feel as a result.

Décor and finish are tasteful. The home’s design team did a lovely job of balancing warmth and cool, and the blue-grey used as a tonal theme makes for a meditative choice that neatly avoids moodiness. Wide-plank dark-finished wood provides a pleasing fundamental that keeps the living style down to earth. Light fixture choices are similarly circumspect; the pendant series that presides over the double-height foyer is unusual and thought-provoking.

And, outside? A brick patio off the kitchen which offers views of the city and ocean, a patio beyond the foldaway glass in the living room, terraces and balconies off the bedrooms, and a swimming pool with a simple, functional recreational design.

Foster was a child prodigy who began her professional career as a model at the tender age of three and was acting at age six. She struggled to transition to adult roles but eventually found her footing. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress twice; the first was for her performance in The Accused, the second for The Silence of the Lambs.

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