Two-Way House in San Francisco by Studio Sarah Willmer

Two-Way House in San Francisco by Studio Sarah Willmer

Published: March 30, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Two-Way House in San Francisco, California. Studio Sarah Willmer.

“The Two-Way House embodies the marriage of San Francisco’s historic urban fabric with today’s modern needs/desires in a thoughtfully crafted home filled with daylight seamlessly connecting to the garden. Our client’s goals of filling their home with natural light while connecting inside to outside formed the transformation of this Pacific Heights row house.

The Two-Way House was conceived around the pairing of the original 1900 Victorian façade and traditional parlor with an open plan and modern 2-story backyard addition. The design maximizes space creating a generous single family home (with smaller 2nd apartment/in-law unit) while deftly resolving constraints that have shaped the remodel of many San Francisco homes.

A series of interlocking interior spaces, courtyard, and decks create a seamless flow from inside to out. Designed to capture daylight and link common and private spaces, double height volumes establish vertical connections shaped by skylights and windows revealing unexpected views through the residence.

Stained white oak and cedar create a soft palette throughout, connecting floor to cabinets, cabinets to the main stair, interior walls to exterior walls and the historic front to the modern back. Period molding at the parlor blends with minimal details and cabinetry. The Two-Way House bridges recognizable San Francisco architecture to the way today’s design savvy San Franciscans live in their homes.”

Photo credit: Jasper Sanidad

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