Orlando Bloom Lists Contemporized Modern in the 90210 for $9M

Orlando Bloom Lists Contemporized Modern in the 90210 for $9M

Published: March 23, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Orlando Bloom listed his Billionaire’s Row modern-style home this week, hanging a price tag of $8.999 million on the understated and emphatically optimistic late 1950’s residence. The actor has owned the property for less than two years; he picked it up in the spring of 2017, paying $7 million.

The house had been heavily renovated by its previous owner, architect Miguel Aragonés. Aragonés paid $3.25 million for it in 2011, and revised it with an eye toward the contemporary style. The fellow listed it about four years later with an initial asking price of around $12 million; optimistic, indeed. The asking price at the time of the sale to Bloom had been $7.995 million.

The home’s interiors are squeaky-clean, with long strident lines and very, very little ornament to distract. They are arranged around the pool, giving them a context of leisurely spirituality, and providing the property with an unusually powerful interior/exterior flow.

Atmosphere is a byword throughout the home, which is given texture only by the hardwood floors; meditative might be another byword, with baths receiving a strongly Eastern-influenced feel, and sleeping and working areas uncluttered. LED strip accent lighting is used extensively, giving spaces a cool, detached feel, and a bit of color if desired. The shared living area is very open, aside from an accent wall, with a sunken lounge space as its centerpiece.

The home’s exterior is pleasingly green, with tiered landscaping providing a home for desert-flora ground cover.

Bloom’s upcoming big-screen roles include a lead role in this year’s ‘The Outpost’; the film is due in theaters late in the year.

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