Florida Mansion Listed at $159M Fetches $42.5M at Auction

Florida Mansion Listed at $159M Fetches $42.5M at Auction

Published: March 19, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

A palatial Hillsboro Beach, Florida, mansion recently sold at auction for $42.5 million. The grand property dubbed Playa Vista Isle had been on the market for several years, and at one point listed for $159 million. The property was auctioned with no reserve price set.

The sale set a record for the priciest home sold at auction in the country, but that probably doesn’t mean much to the seller: the property’s construction costs are rumored to have tipped the $100 million mark. Interested bidders were required to provide $250,000 in escrow as assurance.

Designed after the styling of the great French palace Versailles, the grandiose home welcomes visitors with a double-staircase entry, a stunning center chandelier, and wildly ornate balustrade that does a not-bad job of suggesting Sun King-style excess. Moldings, frescoes, and a litany of high-end materials like Austrian crystal, marble, and gold leaf help consecrate the home as genuinely bling-city palatial.

The interiors measure 30,000 square feet; total square footage comes in at 58,000 square feet, however. The long list of amenities is too extensive to list here. The private IMAX Theater says it all.

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