Dennis Quaid Takes $5.9M for Sunset Blvd Manse

Dennis Quaid Takes $5.9M for Sunset Blvd Manse

Published: March 12, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Dennis Quaid sold his spectacular period Spanish-style mansion in PacPal this week for just under $5.9 million. Quaid picked up the home in 2013, paying $5.1 million, according to public records.

The house dates to 1929, and features effusively romantic exterior architecture. The façade is detail-rich, with a variety of window shapes, the softness of stucco, Andalusian flourishes, and leaded and stained glass.

The interiors measure just over 6,100 square feet; despite the considerable space, the home only contains three bedrooms, suggesting that it was originally designed for regular entertaining. Renovations have of course filtered in, but so many original details remain that a good balance is struck between old and new.

The great room features a raw wood vaulted ceiling—probably redwood—plank floors, plentiful glass, and a massive limestone fireplace and accent wall. The formal dining room receives a stained-glass bay window, and the open-concept kitchen and dayroom boasts what looks to be an original tile floor, and a subway-tile treatment of walls and backsplashes. The screening room receives a streamline bay window and a bit of colored glass.

The master suite features a sitting area and a cozy bath, but the other two bedrooms are charmers; one features a reprise of the great room’s ceiling style and lots of glass, the other a Moroccan-inflected pendant fixture.

The home’s exterior features a brick pool area, and venerable old-Hollywood vines and palms.

At some point in the future, Quaid will be seen playing two high-profile powerhouses from the past; ‘Reagan’ leaves no doubt regarding the role, but ‘Midway’ offers opportunity for speculation…Quaid as Spruance, perhaps?

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