Pininfarina Gets in the Ring With Highly Emotive ‘Battista’ Hypercar

Pininfarina Gets in the Ring With Highly Emotive ‘Battista’ Hypercar

Published: March 7, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

When legendary Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina—the source of many exquisite Ferrari shapes for the ages—took the wrapping off its $2.2 million EV hypercar this month in Geneva, the response was a collective gasp. Surely the car’s namesake, founder Battista Farina, would be proud to know that the first zero-emissions model built exclusively in Turin is as beautiful as it is progressive.

And that it’s as quicksilver on the road as can be. The car’s numbers astound: the EV juice, with no trifling lag due to conversion of fuel to energy, launches to 62 MPH in less than 2 seconds. That’s tough to imagine unless you actually experience it for yourself. But there’re 1,900 horses at work within this fetchingly aggressive automotive text, which can move you to 180 MPH in…well, Pininfarina’s press release tells us that the journey can be made somewhat less quickly in an F-16.

The company sees the car as a culminating Pininfarina statement, yes, but also as an EV figurehead of sorts, enhancing ‘EV desirability’ by raising the performance bar for electric vehicles; amen to that. The Battista is powered by four motors for each wheel—and five radiators to cool the system. The 6-piston carbon-ceramic brakes recycle energy to the batteries.

The model will be for sale in 2020, and available in two versions: a road version that has a limited top speed of 217 MPH, and a track version that holds nothing back at all.

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