Ferrari F8 Tributo Picks Up Where The 488 GTB Left Off

Ferrari F8 Tributo Picks Up Where The 488 GTB Left Off

Published: March 5, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Pull back the curtain on Ferrari’s pre-Geneva sneak peek and you’ll find the replacement for the 488 GTB.

The mid-engine design, V8-equipped F8 Tributo doesn’t fall far from the tree, looking as smart as the 488 GTB. But it does pick up almost fifty horsepower from the outgoing model, now wringing 710 horsepower out of its 3.9L engine, and it can beat the three-second mark to 62 MPH, making the sprint in 2.9 seconds. The twin-turbo design hasn’t gone anywhere, of course, but Ferrari maintains that turbo lag is a thing of the past with this latest model, not just negligible but nonexistent.

Aero includes the hood “S-Duct”, a carryover from the 488 Pista, and a revised spoiler, as well as sneaky air intakes positioned above the headlamps, giving the Tributo a 15% improvement in downforce and more efficient cooling for the brakes.

The Tributo’s cabin is typically understated, with a logical and minimalist layout and control selection that keeps to the essentials. The infotainment system with passenger-oriented touchscreen doesn’t dominate the interiors; instead, digital instruments designed to look old-school and traditional aircraft cowling-inspired vents define the dash.

It’s harder than ever to do a poor job of piloting an earthbound rocket like this one. Ferrari’s anticipatory software updates for the drive modes and Side Slip Angle Control all help keep the car on the road, easing the learning curve for first-time supercar owners.

The F8 Tributo will be formally introduced to drivers in Geneva this month.

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