‘Crown Jewel’ of Beverly Hills on the Market at $650M, Down From $1B

‘Crown Jewel’ of Beverly Hills on the Market at $650M, Down From $1B

Published: March 2, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Well, perhaps a billion was a little unreasonable.

Still, the seller put in a good showing. The much-discussed 157 acre lot in Beverly Hills had been marketed with a tough sub-headline: no offers under a billion will even be considered. And the seller held the line for over four years. But no investor stepped forward with a billion in one hand, and blueprints for the ultimate Beverly Hills resort residence in the other.

Well, perhaps with a price cut amounting to a full third of the original ask, things will heat up a bit for spring. The property known as ‘The Mountain of Beverly Hills’ is now being marketed at $650 million.

The property is actually seventeen separate original parcels, and up to six separate properties may be carved out of it. It is pre-landscaped, and has already had thousands of plants and trees transplanted on it; a tireless series of sprinklers keeps the lawn looking fairytale. A gate and a paver motor court have also already been installed, not to mention an extensive array of atmospheric lighting.

The spot comes with a history, too, with notable high-profile buyers snapping it up in hopes of building their own castle keep. Merv Griffin gave it a shot, as did the sister of the Shah.

But, as of 2019, no residence yet stands on the massive lot. Only space for an airstrip, and panoramic views of L.A. from the highest spot in Beverly Hills.

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