Sixth-Gen Mercedes-Benz SL Takes a Bow With Grand Edition

Sixth-Gen Mercedes-Benz SL Takes a Bow With Grand Edition

Published: February 26, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz has introduced the stunning new SL Grand Edition as a curtain call for the sixth generation. The nimble-looking treatment neatly sums up the generation’s eight years of production, and the more than half-century of SL production generally, and will be available for the 450 and 550 models.

The model isn’t the brand’s flagship two-door anymore; the torch is being passed to a seventh generation. The news isn’t official, but the special edition exit is exactly how Mercedes-Benz has phased out prior to revision in the past.

But the 2020 SL Grand Edition is a suitable swan song, looking very much the part of a classic Mercedes roadster. The Grand Edition’s exterior looks lovely: Graphite Grey, and accented with matte silver trim and chrome. Several “SL Grand Edition” badges throughout declare the vehicles identity, and AMG 10-spoke forged wheels, sport suspension, and Tundra Brown Pearl leather further distinguish it from garden-variety SLs.

The Grand Edition treatment is limited to SL vehicles with the V6 engine. Power ratings are 362 horsepower for the SL 450, and 449-horsepower for the SL 550.

The seventh generation of the SL is coming, but not in a hurry. It is expected to be revealed next year.

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