Mercedes-AMG’s Latest Bag Collection Covered in Tire Tracks

Mercedes-AMG’s Latest Bag Collection Covered in Tire Tracks

Published: February 23, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Mercedes-AMG recently partnered with German company Destroy vs. Beauty to develop a luggage line with a special road-worn appearance.

The German automaker’s high-performance division is known for pushing the boundaries in its automotive designs, and this creative spirit is on display in the new collection. Mercedes fans are able to select from a variety of travel-ready items, including a wallet, a shoulder bag, a weekender, and more.

Each unique item in the BurnOut collection looks as if it was run over by a car, and that’s because—well—it was. Before being crafted into bags, the special material was actually “treated” by the wheels of a car. The material was taken out to AMG’s track for its special treatment by the tires of an AMG GT R.

Instead of simply driving across the material, though, the GT R was backed up onto the fabric in order to zoom away and leave a special design of melted rubber behind. As a result, the print is very permanent, and no two pieces are going to be alike. If each smells vaguely of burning rubber, though, ownership will truly be a sensory experience for the automotive enthusiast.

Items in the BurnOut collection are available from $202 to $767.

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