Case Study House #21 Finds a Buyer at $3.3M

Case Study House #21 Finds a Buyer at $3.3M

Published: February 21, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Bailey House, one of the Case Study program homes and a registered historic place nationally and in L.A., just sold for $3.26 million. It had been listed at $3.6 million prior to the sale, and last sold for $3.2 million about ten years ago.

After World War II, the Case Study House program was developed to create stylish, affordable housing in the burgeoning Los Angeles area. The idea was launched by Arts & Architecture magazine, with many prominent modernist architects taking part. In all, 36 designs were created, and 24 of them built.

This particular Laurel Canyon property is Case Study House #21. True to midcentury-styling, #21 boasts clean lines, walls of glass, and several open-air pavilions with ponds.

Spanning 1,280 square feet, the two-bedroom, two-bath home is arranged in an L-shape that divides the living room and dining space. Simply constructed with steel-paneled walls and glass, the home is so unique that it was used by one previous owner as gallery space.

Case Study House #21 was designed by Pierre Koenig.

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