Lucy Liu Takes $3.1M for Laid-Back Charmer in L.A.

Lucy Liu Takes $3.1M for Laid-Back Charmer in L.A.

Published: January 29, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Lucy Liu completed the sale of her intensely romantic, L.A.-area craftsman-inflected house; in the end, the place went to a buyer willing to offer a shadow over $3 million.

A tonic for the high-profile house-ophile fatigued by the reticence of modern interiors, Ms. Liu’s now-previous residence is ebulliently and unabashedly effusive; with all the detailed expression going on, however, it never feels overplayed, contrived, or otherwise wearying. A neat trick. Ms. Liu is apparently a visual artist as well as an actress, so therein likely hangs that tale.

The home’s effect is one of accumulation. But taken individually, the carved hardwood fireplace mantels, hand-glazed tile floors, varied wood grain, Craftsman accents, original ceilings, and eccentrically period light fixtures are remarkable. The design allows for plenty of natural light, and views of the property reinforce the effect.

The property exterior is landscaped in the romantic style, with well-incorporated stone and enough tangle to beguile…if the lot had been bigger, a rococo garden might’ve been an option, with a pleasing surprise around every wild corner. As it is, the grounds manage a sneakily reticent feel, bringing to full flower the literate storybook effect of the place.

The pool isn’t lagoon-style per se; it doesn’t need to be.

In the present, Liu continues to star as an upstaging Watson to a postmodern Holmes in CBS’ critically-acclaimed ‘Elementary’; in the future, look for her on the silver screen in ‘Stage Mother’.

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