MB&F Uses Hand-Blown Murano Glass for Medusa Clock

MB&F Uses Hand-Blown Murano Glass for Medusa Clock

Published: January 26, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Swiss watchmaker MB&F just introduced a conversation-starting new desktop timepiece that’s ideal for marine biologists or anyone enamored of accessories that evoke natural forms.

To bring the clock to life, MB&F once again worked with design house L’Epee. The result is a dual-configuration clock called Medusa. One look will tell you that it’s similar in shape to the dread jellyfish of that name, and not the dreaded monster from Greek mythology.

The timepiece’s large glass dome is hand-blown from world-renowned Murano glass. Murano glass is the most desired art glass in the world, and has been produced on an island off the coast of Venice, Italy for well over half a millennium.

MB&F’s new creation appears to be as underwater gossamer as its namesake. This painstaking process of blowing the shape was very difficult, and could only be accomplished by one of the four glass companies who undertook the challenge.

As each piece features hand-blown glass, no two Medusa pieces are the same. But the watch mechanics remain consistent: a 2.5-Hz movement with its seven-day power reserve. The complex 155-part movement was developed over the course of two years. A special Incabloc shock protection system is in place to protect the movement that is finished with 23 jewels.

Available in limited numbers, the MB&F Medusa is available for $25,700. And that just might sting.

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