McLaren 600LT Loses the Top for Limited Spider Run

McLaren 600LT Loses the Top for Limited Spider Run

Published: January 22, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Those McLaren Automotive folks are a restless lot, and you have the feeling that, unless the market failed entirely, they’re going to keep making exciting new models. The johnny-come-lately to appear from the green hills of Surrey is a drop-top, which is exciting news indeed.

The industry darling has had a remarkably sure hand with drop-top designs; despite their track-car history, the recreational potential of the convertible has remained close to the company’s heart from the very beginning. The 12C Spider took to the road back in 2012, but still looks relevant and unique, and their long-tailed 675LT sold out in under a month—the $370K performance monster went up for sale in December 2015, and all 500 earmarked for production were gone before Christmas.

With used examples of that last drop-top McLaren currently selling for prices far above what buyers paid for a new example three years ago, a certain deficit of supply in ceiling-liberated McLarens might be identified. Accordingly, this time around McLaren is keeping shtum as far as a production number is concerned…although the model variant will only be available for the 2019 model year.

Their new convertible model is typically unique, and typically lovely. It’s another long tail, a Spider take on the 600LT. The by-now legendary McLaren carbon fiber monocoque renders excessive additional weight due to the drop-top design’s inherent need to make up for lost rigidity a non-issue. According to the company, the performance specs are right on track: the drop-top long-tail will sprint to 62 in 2.8 seconds, and reach a top speed of 196 with the top down.

The engine, transmission and exhaust carry over from the coupe, of course, and the 600LT convertible receives the nifty retractable hardtop of the 570S Spider—a minor triumph of engineering in and of itself.

Pricing begins just north of $250K.

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