GE Places a Smart Touchscreen in the Heart of Your Kitchen

GE Places a Smart Touchscreen in the Heart of Your Kitchen

Published: January 19, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

GE Appliances recently introduced its newest smart home device at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

We see the best of the best at CES. This year, GE’s new Kitchen Hub stands out for gourmets and techies both with its sleek design and user-friendly interface.

Designed to serve as a sort of smart home hub, the giant 27-inch touchscreen is actually built into the oven range hood, so its design makes good use of what is generally unused kitchen real estate. From there, the Kitchen Hub is uniquely positioned to control and fine-tune household items and systems in the internet of things.

The Kitchen Hub was¬†designed to especially assist users in managing all of their smart home devices. Google Assistant helps residents with a variety of hands-free household needs including video chat and an overhead cooktop camera for multi-tasking or relaxing in other parts of the house. Essentially, it’s any techy foodie’s dream setup.

Beyond monitoring all things kitchen and cooking, the Kitchen Hub also connects to other smart home devices like security cameras, thermostats, stereos, and lights. Even better, it connects to apps like Netflix, Spotify, and SideChef to making cooking or doing dishes quite a bit more enjoyable.

GE’s high-tech Kitchen Hub will be available in May. Prices start at $1,199.

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