‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Buys Cerebral Late Modern in Bel Air for $20.5M

‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Buys Cerebral Late Modern in Bel Air for $20.5M

Published: January 15, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah recently picked up a very interesting late modern home in Bel-Air. The comedian dropped a chunk o’ change on the cerebral early sixties architectural text: $20.5 million against the $20.995 million ask that the house had been tagged with when it hit the open market late last year.

The house is of considerable size, measuring a little more than 10,000 square feet. A streetside impression is of a boxy, grey-and-glass trophy home with wood accents to warm things up a little. From poolside, the home’s glass walls give it that sense of transparency and blurring of interior/exterior prized by devotees of the style.

Renovations to the home have left it perhaps a little too slick; at times the house reads like an odyssey of surface, with LED backlighting for effect. But the blend of concrete and natural-toned wood, glossy natural stone, glass, and steel makes for a tough contemporary sort of beauty, and the home’s architecture frequently allows for a liberating sense of release.

With three bedrooms only in its 10K square feet, the house is designed to be entertainment-ready, and the open-concept layout should support a few memorable blowouts. The glass-enclosed terraces are highlights, presenting effective surveys of a city at just the right remove.

Noah’s rise through the ranks could be called meteoric. He became the figurehead and guiding spirit of ‘The Daily Show’ only months after becoming a contributor on the program.

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