Craig Ferguson Puts Private L.A. Home on the Market for $6M

Craig Ferguson Puts Private L.A. Home on the Market for $6M

Published: January 12, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

Comedian Craig Ferguson has hefted his quirky, early 20th-century L.A. canyon compound back onto the market.

Ferguson has owned the place since 2012, when he took ownership for $4 million, and has had it on the market before; according to public records, it was offered over six months of 2015 at a diminishing ask which started out at $5.5 million and was gradually whittled down to $4.7 million. After a brief showing last fall, it returns in early 2019, this time priced at $6 million.

The property sprawls over about seven-tenths of an acre and presents itself as a pleasingly unassuming, rambling estate. The home dates to the first decade of the last century; it’s a traditional with Craftsman flourishes which is built into a hillside.

But it’s not the only house on the lot, and its 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths are augmented with another three bedrooms and two baths by the time all structures have been accounted for. Total interior living space on the property comes to a bit over 6,800 square feet.

The library, gym/fitness room, recording studio, and guest cottage all get their own corner of the property, giving the little estate a marvelously effective element of surprise, and a cozy feeling of bohemianism. Gloss finishes on many floors and exposed beams, and period-tile and fixtures, as well as original Craftsman details, help the property arrive at a pleasing complexity.

Two-time Emmy winner Ferguson once played in a punk rock band with local hero Peter Capaldi. He stars in an upcoming film written by Kathie Lee Gifford, ‘Love Me to Death’.

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