McLaren Teases Configuration Possibilities for Speedtail Hypercar

McLaren Teases Configuration Possibilities for Speedtail Hypercar

Published: January 10, 2019 | By: American Luxury Staff

McLaren recently unveiled three design options for its wicked-looking, track-inspired Speedtail Hyper-GT.

Buyers will be able to select from the automaker’s Color and Material team’s Visionary, Dynamic, and Urbane configuration packages; each package is further divided into a series of available themes. Customization options include anodized aluminum, visual carbon fiber, and luxe interior materials; color scheme and trim and cabin styles make each vehicle a unique cosmetic fit.

Drivers who opt for the Urbane package can select from three themes, including Stratosphere. Striking with a metallic blue look, this upper-atmospheric Speedtail stands out with anodized aluminum, platinum/TPT carbon inlay badging, and gloss 1K full visual carbon fiber.

The Visionary package offers themes like Astral, a cabin theme that employs heavenly inspiration: the deep navy blue interior meets with Nebular quilt. The theme is finished with a navy aniline leather seat, and custom orange with silver pinstripe finish on the exterior.

Last, but not least, the Dynamic package stands out with its Bloodline theme, fittingly accented in bright red. This take on the Speedtail boasts a red driver’s seat in addition to a steering wheel complete with paddle shifters, window, and door bezel accented with TPT carbon quartz white.

The striking Speedtail is able to speed to 250 mph with its hybrid powertrain, which produces a whopping 1,035 horsepower. It can make a zero-to-186 mph leap in just 12.8 seconds.

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