McLaren Special Operations Pays Tribute to Ayrton Senna With Stunning P1 GTR

McLaren Special Operations Pays Tribute to Ayrton Senna With Stunning P1 GTR

Published: December 29, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

McLaren Special Operations, the customization arm of the British automaker, has a reputation that’s as serious as their cars. The dream-car factory can make anything for any customer with the scratch to fund a fantasy, but left to their own devices the MSO team frequently cites McLaren history in arresting ways various and sundry.

This time around, the design commandos at MSO have targeted a famous McLaren track driver’s most famous season. They’re calling it the P1 GTR, and it was conceived and built to honor Ayrton Senna and the car he drove in the 1988 championship season.

The special build is the result of three years of planning and advanced craftsmanship. This one-off vehicle was commissioned by an Ayrton fan. The custom McLaren is decked out in Ayrton’s Rocket red and Anniversary white livery, as seen on the ’88 F1 car. Special Senna accents are included throughout, including Marlboro barcode accents on the doors and Senna interior seats.

The P1 GTR boasts a number of upgrades to increase speed or otherwise distinguish the red-and-white rocket, including a 24-carat gold heat shield, a Lexan rear cover, and a custom aerodynamics package. Although exact power production is unknown, it’s rumored to make more than the standard P1 GTR’s 986 horsepower.

And, the price? If you have to ask, MSO probably isn’t listed among your phone contacts.

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