Caviar Shows Off Bespoke Apple Watch Collection Starting at $38K

Caviar Shows Off Bespoke Apple Watch Collection Starting at $38K

Published: December 11, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Russian accessory company Caviar recently unveiled its take on the Apple Watch. It’s a bit of an upsell, but that’s Caviar’s metier.

The bling-minded lux-tech firm has established a reputation for taking Apple’s beloved iPhone models and pimping them out with precious metals, stones, and diamonds. Now, the Russian brand is taking on the smartwatch. Their Apple Watch Series 4 customizing start at $37,650.

Taking inspiration from black, white, and red caviar, the Apple Watch has never looked as luxurious as it does now; 633 precious stones bedazzle the vital-viewing wristwear, and each of the stones is embedded in the case and, if optioned, gold strap. Interested customers can choose from white diamonds, rich rubies, or black precious stones for their unabashed glam look.

Caviar’s ruby watch is available for $37,650, but the black stone version will put customers back $41,390. Most expensive is the diamond edition, which retails for $43,850.

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