Tom Clancy’s 536-Acre Maryland Compound Comes to Market at Half the Original $12M Ask

Tom Clancy’s 536-Acre Maryland Compound Comes to Market at Half the Original $12M Ask

Published: November 20, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Novelist Tom Clancy’s estate has listed another of his properties for sale. This time around, it’s the writer’s 17,000 square-foot mansion in Huntingtown, Maryland that’s getting the attention. It’s on the open market for $6.2 million.

The massive three-floor residence—and its equally substantial lot, which measures in at a whopping 537 acres—joins another Clancy-owned Maryland property on the market, a similarly extravagant combination penthouse unit in Baltimore’s Ritz-Carlton. In 2009, Clancy sunk over twelve million into buying the four units and transforming them into a single sprawling 12,000 square-foot top-floor residence; the property first hit the market in 2015 with an ask of $12 million, but by May of last year the price had dropped to $7.9 million, which is where it remains as of today.

The waterfront property is known as Peregrine Cliff, and it nearly lives up to its quasi-Gothic appellation, which sounds like it was borrowed from an 1890’s Romantic potboiler. But part of the property was at one time Camp Kaufmann, a destination for underprivileged kids that closed in the mid 1980’s.

It’s a spectacularly private piece of land; the acreage lends itself to a long, sylvan driveway that culminates in a green glade of rolling lawn that is surrounded by lush woodland. The property features a mile of Chesapeake Bay frontage.

The house features a stone exterior and is a classic 1980’s contemporary, with angularity to spare, half-vaulted ceilings galore, and multiple sets of series windows. The interiors feature a mix of cool tones, warm wood and stone, with blue giving the kitchen a nice oceanfront context and a great-room defined by a soaring tongue-and-groove cedar ceiling, plank floors, and a huge stone fireplace with a raised hearth.

Amenities on the property are many, and include an underground shooting range, sports courts, detached guest houses, and a greenhouse.

Clancy passed away in 2013. He published 17 bestsellers during his career.

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