AC Schnitzer Gives BMW X2 a Sporty Makeover

AC Schnitzer Gives BMW X2 a Sporty Makeover

Published: November 13, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

German tuner AC Schnitzer recently put their own spin on the BMW X2.

Schnitzer’s experience extends to Brits Mini and Jag, but their heart is in local boy BMW. Typically, their packages are less brassy than their less restrained competition, and this X2 finds them in top form. The end result looks like an ideal ride for an extremely urbane young family.

The X2 boasts a fun, sporty look tempered with just enough gravity, and Schnitzer built on this appearance effectively; the result is slick and smart, and a bit playful. The horsepower rating has been bumped from 190 to 222, and  purposeful parts changes include springs that let the vehicle ride an inch lower, for a sleeker shape.

The addition of a new front apron and splitter also moves the vehicle away from a traditional crossover look, and the new rear splitter increases downforce. Schnitzer X2 drivers will also enjoy updated wheel packages in 19- or 20-inch variations. The larger wheels and a variety of tire sizes gives the vehicle a more aggressive stance. Tailpipes may be ordered in carbon, black or chrome.

Inside, the modified X2 gets aluminum trim, fleshy out the X2s driving style with a bit of easygoing embellishment.

An interesting tuning option. Currently, though, it’s only available for European drivers, and only for an X2 with a diesel powerplant.

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