Ford Expands GT Options Suites With Carbon Series Package

Ford Expands GT Options Suites With Carbon Series Package

Published: November 8, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Among the surprises Ford packed for their autumnal trip to Las Vegas was a modified GT. The slightly trimmed-down option package for the company’s all-important, newsworthy exotic is the newest identity for the GT, taking a place beside the Competition Series option package.

The Carbon Series GT doesn’t lose much in the way of weight—only 39 pounds; the production version tips the scales at 3,300 pounds, making it quite light already. But the Carbon Series package adorning the GT does look quite the ticket, with a host of parts that place it tops, weight-loss wise, in the GT series.

The Carbon Fiber series also gets carbon fiber wheels, and a titanium exhaust and lug nuts, as inclusive; they’re also standard fare for the Competition Series. Unlike the Competition package, though, it hangs onto its air-conditioning and stereo, however, making this option package more for the general enthusiast than the track enthusiast. The lack of cupholders and cubbyhole register as a merely token loss.

The GT is constructed with a great deal of carbon fiber, and the package fleshes out the look a bit more with a translucent strip running down the center of the car; a racing color may be added for a more personal appearance. In the cabin, the Carbon Series GT receives special badging, and the cosmetics there may also be customized to a buyer’s preference.

Ford hasn’t provided pricing info on the package at this time.

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