Devialet Builds on Its Success With Phantom Reactor Speaker

Devialet Builds on Its Success With Phantom Reactor Speaker

Published: November 1, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Luxury audio brand Devialet recently introduced its newest update to the popular Phantom wireless speaker with the introduction of a mini model.

It’s called the Phantom Reactor, and the little guy can pump out 1,200 watts of power. And, like the other entries in the series, the Reactor promises an astonishing soundstage, and distortion so low as to be negligible.

The design may be strikingly sculptural, but its sound reproduction that matters most. And the high-end wireless speaker delivers a fairly amazing experience.

The Reactor is equipped with a single full-range speaker and push-push woofers. Proprietary Phantom processes Heart Bass implosion and Speaker Active Matching allow for accurate bass representation down to 18 Hz…very, very low…and easy control.

The smart speaker is compatible with AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and is Bluetooth enabled.

Phantom’s new speaker is available starting at $999 for the 600 W or at $1,299 for the 900 W. Both models come in silver or gold, and preordering begins on October 24.


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