BMW Launches X7 Flagship SUV Starting at $75K

BMW Launches X7 Flagship SUV Starting at $75K

Published: October 23, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

BMW recently let the world have a look at the production version of its long-awaited top-tier SUV, the X7. And, just as when the concept was revealed last year, a first impression gander can’t help but focus on the size of the vehicle.

From the front, the production X7 looks a little different from the concept…and that’s a good thing. The concept version of this giant of an SUV presented a front end that was just a trifle too aggressive; it looked angry, and might’ve been competing with the Lexus LX for blue-ribbon utter strangeness. The production version tones down the language, and comes across as far more refined.

Inside, the X7 has been designed to be even more of a paragon of a touring car than the X5. Any X7 driver is going to be comfortable enough to cheerily embark on longer trips; like the X5, the X7 gives a marvelous impression of space, especially for the car’s operator, with a center console that is unusually broad but still does not clutter or tighten the area. The touchscreen and controls are oriented in the driver’s direction, giving the cabin a controlled and comforting feel.

If the X7 looks heavy, that’s because it is; BMW hasn’t revealed a curb weight, but over two and a half tons is a solid guess. But the standard xDrive40i engine—a 3L I6 turbo—looks up to the task of propelling this generously proportioned rig, and a 4.4L V8 is available for drivers who want to step up to xDrive50i.

For its $75K base price, the X7 offers a whole lot of performance, with a suite of driving modes and Dynamic Damper Control System as standard equipment, and driver assist and safety features galore. And, for luxury dazzle? The panoramic ‘Sky Lounge’ looks fabulous.

The 2019 X7 will be available in the second quarter of next year.

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