Lady Gaga Spends $30M on Stunning Manhattan Townhouse

Lady Gaga Spends $30M on Stunning Manhattan Townhouse

Published: October 18, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

With industry pundits already earmarking Lady Gaga an Oscar contender for her role in this year’s remake of ‘A Star is Born,’ the singer and actress has decided to buy herself a gift: a newly revised, $29.5 million townhome in Chelsea.

The residence was revised and first listed in December 2016 for nearly $37 million, but settled at its ask of just under $30 million in the spring of this year. The exact sale price is undetermined as of now.

What is definitive is that the five-story, approximately 11,000 square foot home is thoroughly contemporary. It fits into Chelsea’s emerging identity as an ultra-hip enclave, one that fuses an industrial past with a present defined by bohemian and luxury lifestyles. The townhome is situated a few blocks from Greenwich Village and Flatiron.

The home was redesigned to dazzle, not charm. The home’s exterior is expressed in concrete, glass, and an emphasis on geometry, and the interiors are an extended, luxuriant riff on that sensibility. Marble, satin- or matte-finished plank, contemporary lighting that sometimes betrays a guarded sense of the whimsical, and a moody, beige and brown color scheme are defining features. Details include inlaid floors, hand-painted floral motifs, and an in-wall gas fireplace. The living style is wildly extravagant, but very controlled.

All in all, a somewhat cool residence with a strong sense of identity, where an intoxicating sense of space prevails. Amenities include a pool, screening room, and extensive wine storage.

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