Aemyrie’s $32K Igneum Grill Is Handmade in England

Aemyrie’s $32K Igneum Grill Is Handmade in England

Published: October 13, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Calling all grillmasters! High-end outdoor kitchen experts at Aemyrie recently introduced the last grill even the most dedicated outdoor chef will ever need.

If you are one of those dedicated few with BBQ sauce for blood, you need to check out the Igneum. Its features will win over those backyard and terrace cookery enthusiasts with pockets deep enough to fund the be-all and end-all currently available.

The Igneum grill is flexible and precise, and it looks a corker to boot: curved wood panels meet with sleek steel to create a uniquely chic outward appearance, and customers can also customize their grill’s look with a variety of hardwoods, varnishes, paints, lacquers, and enamels.

The unit is entirely handcrafted in England and features a number of impressive technological updates to make grilling easier—and tastier—than ever. Including a bit of stay-cool tech from NASA. The Igneum is capable of cooking for as many as 30 guests at a time, and it pledges to not disappoint a one of them. It’s equipped with a high-tech temperature control device that can automatically adjust cooking temperatures for the perfect grill experience.

The Igneum lets you cook with charcoal, wood logs, or pellets, so you can tailor the fuel to your desired result.

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