MB&F Impresses Once Again With $182K ‘HM9 Flow’ Timepiece

MB&F Impresses Once Again With $182K ‘HM9 Flow’ Timepiece

Published: October 6, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Maximilian Busser and Friends, aka MB&F, recently unveiled its newest new watch design, the HM9 Flow.

Available for $182,000, the Swiss watch marque’s unique new timepiece features a characteristically unconventional and remarkable design. Even though this certainly isn’t the first time a luxury timepiece has taken inspiration from the romance of historical autos and aircraft, the HM9 manages to evoke design cues from both, and present a uniquely inventive design of its own in the bargain.

The release follows an exhaustive three-year development period, which is also characteristic of MB&F; the company takes its time, if you’ll pardon the debatably humorous wordplay. The watch suggests ’40s- and ’50s-era automobile and airplane shapes; it is broken into a series of functional components that resemble an instrument cluster.

MB&F’s Road Edition features a rose-gold body and a special speedometer-inspired dial. Meanwhile, the Air edition offers a darker take and boasts an aviation-inspired dial. Both styles come paired with a classic hand-stitched brown leather strap.

Each edition is limited to just 33 examples.

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