Kris Jenner Buys Sleek Manse in Coachella Valley for $12M

Kris Jenner Buys Sleek Manse in Coachella Valley for $12M

Published: October 2, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Kris Jenner’s latest real estate venture is the purchase of an extremely flashy contemporary in La Quinta. The trophy home is located in a golf club community, and doesn’t pull any punches where style is concerned; this is a cutting-edge, chilly statement of a home.

The house dates to 2016. The style is absolutely contemporary, and fairly unadorned. It’s quite large, extending to over 11,000 square feet, with seven bedrooms and ten full or partial baths. The streetside impression is imposing and cool, with a broad concrete front walk illuminated by LED accents, and strong lines culminating in an entry that looks more neutral than invitational…unless the invitation is also an imperative. It is situated within the Madison Club grounds.

Inside, the home finds expression in space, with an open concept, grid lighting, and some extravagant light fixtures. In the shared living spaces, floors are bleached plank, there is grid lighting throughout, and walls are textured neutral. The home has seven fireplaces, with in-wall and minimalist styles represented.

The property exterior is focused and spacious, with numerous fire features, broad patios and sunlounges, accent walls, ambient lighting, and a courtyard; it culminates in a spectacular infinity pool and lovely views of the mountains.

Jenner’s recent real estate moves include a condo in Calabasas, which she purchased last fall; daughter Kim Kardashian bought into the complex at the same time.

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