Jennifer Lopez’s and Alex Rodriguez’s Former Manhattan Condo on the Rental Market at $11.5K

Jennifer Lopez’s and Alex Rodriguez’s Former Manhattan Condo on the Rental Market at $11.5K

Published: September 20, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

An apartment in Manhattan where Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez once hanged their collective hat has come up for rent. The unit is located in a Robert A.M. Stern-designed building, and was apparently used by the duo as a pier-a-terre when they breezed into town.

The building—15 Central Park West—is a familiar residential landmark to historically-minded New Yorkers, who were grateful to see a new luxury apartment building rise into the Manhattan skyline that used limestone and familiar city design elements for expression. The building’s architecture and interior design sensibilities try and mostly succeed at postmodern homage, and have had an influential secondary effect on development in the city. It seems that the familiar is comforting enough to command a sky-high dollar value as we move definitively into an era of exponential technological growth and attendant anxiety.

Not surprising, then, that team Stern, finger on the pulse of the Black Card-equipped, has a hit on its hands. The building is hot, which explains why team J-Rod was paying north of $10K/month for an apartment of less than 1,100 square feet. And why the unit was Rodriguez’s second in the building; he rented a 2-bedroom in 15 Central Park West in the early 2010’s.

This unit is a fair-sized one-bedroom on the sixth floor. It’s unassuming in style, with a high-end hodgepodge in the kitchen, a marble-clad bath, a soothingly-toned bedroom, and a balcony boasting some fairly down-to-earth city views.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are never out of the real-estate news for long. Earlier this year, the couple invested over $15 million in a 4,000 square-foot unit in 432 Park.

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