Vince Vaughn’s Florida Properties Available As Vacation Rentals for Up to $18K/Week

Published: August 28, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

His property in Hollywood Hills West has barely had time to clear the horizon, but Vince Vaughn is back in the real-estate columns already. About two weeks ago, the actor and producer sold the home he took off Kate Bosworth’s hands in 2014; he picked up the home for $2.38 million, and sold it after it apparently failed to pan out as a rental property, making about $150K in the process.

But Vaughn is game to try the rental market again, although this time he’ll be testing the waters in Florida. He has a pair of houses in Santa Rosa Beach, a northwest coast community nestled between the Gulf and the state of Alabama.

The area is regarded as a relatively unexploited corner of coastal Florida, with miles of pristine white sand that gives the water an unusual color for the west coast of the state. Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock also own property in the Walton County area, which has become known as ‘Nashville South.’ Tight zoning in the area—which extends for about 25 miles along Route 30A—has kept developers at bay.

The two homes Vaughn is offering for short-term lease are about the same size; each extends to about 5,400 square feet, although one property also includes a detached guest house. Prices begin at $500 per night for off-season.

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