Leica M10-P Ditches Red Dot Logo for Inconspicuous Looks

Leica M10-P Ditches Red Dot Logo for Inconspicuous Looks

Published: August 28, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

High-end camera brand Leica’s new M10-P shooter bears all the hallmarks of the company’s classic rangefinders, except one.

Leica’s signature look comes, in part, from its iconic red logo; but this new camera is so brass-tacks understated that the company has foregone its signature red dot. It takes after the M10, of course, but it’s a quiet younger sibling.

The M10-P also keeps things on the QT during operation: it’s possessed of a much quieter shutter sound than the typical digital camera. That makes it ideal for incognito photogs, so Leica’s new camera is designed with the candid shot in mind. Gone is the loud and distracting shutter sound, and in its place is a metal blade focal plane shutter with a hushed voice.

Described as the quietest digital camera available from Leica, the M10-P is also quieter than traditional 35mm M shooters. The new M-line camera boasts a number of other upgrades as well, including a touchscreen with playback and Live View capabilities.

Interested photographers can order their own M10-P today.

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