Usher Asks $3.8M for Hollywood Hills West Abode

Usher Asks $3.8M for Hollywood Hills West Abode

Published: August 11, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

The house of Usher is back on the market. The honey-voiced crossover/R&B singer had listed the property in the late winter of this year, with an asking price of $4.2 million. The home was pulled from the market, a judicious pause ensued, and now the house is back at $3.75 million.

The mid-1920’s Spanish eclectic extends to three floors of living space, with 4,261 square feet of living space. It features a moody exterior with a dramatic outside staircase leading to a second-story entrance. The interiors begin with high drama; the foyer is painted matte black, with black wrought iron and a pair of icily geometric pendant fixtures, while a broad clerestory window offers some much-needed natural light. An intense first impression, to say the least.

The home’s interiors present a study in contrasts, with many spaces veering into outright theatricality. The living room is pretty conservative, with wide-plank, dark-finished hardwood, a tile fireplace, and an arched set of French doors opening onto a balcony. The dining room’s blue tones are striking, though, as is the black bedroom, and the entertainment room swathed in silver-grey velvet. Every room a different song?

The home’s exteriors present a little meditative influence after the operatic interiors. A deck, terrace and patio are soothingly lush, and the little swimming pool/spa has a secretive feel.

Usher’s album-in-progress may turn out to be as thematically varied as this house. As an expression, perhaps it rendered the residence redundant.

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