Montblanc Unveils ‘Writers Edition Homage to Homer’

Montblanc Unveils ‘Writers Edition Homage to Homer’

Published: August 7, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Luxury accessory and writing utensil brand Montblanc is hoping to inspire customers to pen their own epic poems with the introduction of its Writers Edition Homage to Homer series.

Montblanc selected the classic Greek poet for this year’s entry in the Writers Editions pens line. It’s a big entry; the author of the “Odyssey” and the “Iliad” is considered the grandfather of Western literature.

There are four pens in the Homer series.┬áThe first three pens in the collection are a rollerball ($885), fountain ($1,100), or ballpoint pen ($830). These beautiful writing instruments feature a sleek black body and a tapered silhouette reminiscent of the Trojan horse. The black caps are accented with Achilles’ iconic spear.

Customers looking for an even more exclusive pen can opt for option four: Montblanc’s Writers Edition Homage to Homer Limited Edition Fountain Pen. Available for $4,400, this gold pen also boasts a fluid equine shape in honor of the Trojan horse and Achilles’ spear on the cap. But the pen’s engraving and orange accents pay respect to Greek pottery, adding an additional ornamental dimension to the finished piece.

Accessories are available as part of the series, too: a tooled leather notebook and special Greek Blue ink may be purchased to make unique gift sets.

Who knows, maybe a lucky owner of one of these pens will author the next great epic.

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