Princess R35 Sports Gorgeous Lines Courtesy of Pininfarina

Princess R35 Sports Gorgeous Lines Courtesy of Pininfarina

Published: August 4, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Italian design company Pininfarina hasn’t only confined itself to coachbuilding and automotive design over the roughly ninety years of its existence. The company has completed project work in all areas of public and private conveyance…including work involving yacht design.

In their latest ocean-going foray, Pininfarina collaborated with Princess Yachts and Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies to develop the Princess R35. The sleek and sporty yacht channels the attitude of a sleek supercar with a sporty streamlined hull; those exterior lines are all Pininfarina.

The R35 stretches to just 35 feet, so it’s perfect for a day of fun out on the water, or a quick overnight voyage. And the petite vessel is able to reach speeds up to 58 mph, thanks to powerful V8 engines. Of course, Pininfarina’s expertise in speedĀ helps as well: the company also contributed the special bulwarks which increase the aerodynamics of the yacht.

Below decks, the R35 boasts a stylish cabin, with convertible seating options to allow for a seating area or an en-suite with a sleeping pad.

In addition to its collaboration with Princess, Pininfarina also recently worked with Italian yacht brand Rossinavi to help with the design of the concept superyacht Aurea. Pininfarina and Princess are also currently at work on the larger Princess X95.

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