Limited-Edition Leica M10 Edition Zagato Priced at $21.5K

Limited-Edition Leica M10 Edition Zagato Priced at $21.5K

Published: July 31, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Leica has recently introduced its latest limited-edition digital rangefinder. Interestingly, the boutique camera maker partnered with Italian design company Zagato to develop the limited-ed shooter, which is called the M10 Edition Zagato.

Zagato as coachmaker may be familiar to car aficionados out there; the company has more than a century’s experience designing some of the most unique and spectacularly beautiful automobile bodies ever to grace the production floors of companies like Aston Martin, Ferrari and Mercedes.

Now, Zagato’s partnership with Leica has resulted in a striking design for a camera. The all-aluminum body creates a sleek and modern look, while machined grooves, a red shutter button, and a Leica icon add a bit of classic styling.

‘Zagato’ is featured prominently in bold caps on the interior edges of the Summilux-M 3 mm f/1.4 lens. Finally, a leather strap completes the camera’s luxe look.

Available for $21,600 each, only 250 examples of the Leica M10 Edition Zagato will be available.

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