Flaris LAR 1 Is a $2M Personal Jet You Can Keep at Home

Flaris LAR 1 Is a $2M Personal Jet You Can Keep at Home

Published: July 24, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Polish aerospace company Metal-Master has introduced what it’s calling the “world’s smallest business jet.” An incredibly exciting addition to personal travel, the diminutive high-flier is nearly small enough to be corralled in the backyard.

What makes the Flaris LAR 1 so space-conscious? It is outfitted with detachable wings. The unique design features allow the private jet to be stored in a regular garage, and quickly re-assembled for flight.

It has taken Metal-Master several years to perfect the build of the single-pilot personal jet. They revealed the concept at the 2013 Paris Air Show, and the plane has been in development since. Following extensive ground tests and recent flight tests, the four-passenger jet is closer to becoming a reality for unorthodox commuters.

What’s likely to garner interest is that a hangar isn’t needed for storage and also the fact that the LAR 1 can take off from grass or paved runways as short as 820 feet, liberating it from the limitations and congestion of larger airports. This accessibility will likely draw interest from private owners looking for versatile, high-speed plane.

The Flaris LAR 1 is expected to boast a cruising speed of 437 mph, and a 1,990-mile max range. Although it’s not available yet, interested customers will soon be able to advance-order the compact jet for around $2 million.

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