McLaren 720S Totaled by Speeding Driver Within 24 Hours of Purchase

McLaren 720S Totaled by Speeding Driver Within 24 Hours of Purchase

Published: July 21, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Perhaps there should be a quick virtual tutorial required pending ownership of an acutely engineered helical spring like a McLaren 720s, one to educate new buyers enamored of the potential, but entirely unschooled in the driving of, such a car. A quick lesson in operational parameters that would ease the transition of, say, climbing out of a Hummer and directly into a McLaren.

One driver could certainly have used such a tutorial…although, admittedly, before he lost control of his brand-new dream car and totaled it in the most definitive manner possible less than one day after happily driving it off the lot. Thankfully, the people at McLaren expect such dramatic contingencies, and make the cars incredibly safe. Because the driver walked away from what can only be described as a disaster.

The Virginia owner didn’t even have the chance to become familiar with the 720s when it went into a tree. Officials cite excessive speed as the cause of the crash, and have noted that the vehicle is far beyond repair. Far, indeed. Only fit for recycling. The McLaren is unrecognizable; front and rear panels crumpled, front wheels twisted, and driver’s side door completely torn off.

And, for the driver? Back on the horse, one would expect. $285,000 constitutes a hard lesson; but perhaps, in some abstract Siddharthian fashion, the experience itself will teach.

Photo credit: Fairfax County PD

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