Stromer’s $10K ST5 E-Bike Doesn’t Cut Any Corners

Stromer’s $10K ST5 E-Bike Doesn’t Cut Any Corners

Published: July 14, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

The high-end e-bike market is booming, but Stromer is storming in anyway. The company’s newest two-wheeled design adventure looks attractive, quick…and bulletproof.

The Swiss e-bike manufacturer’s new Stromer ST-5 is the brand’s premium offering, and as such, is costly; it is available starting at $10,000. Sleek and beautifully designed, the ST-5 boasts a modern, streamlined look with all its cables discretely secreted away.

Of course, bike enthusiasts are likely drawn to the ST-5 not only for its styling, but for its bevy of technical upgrades. Riders won’t have to worry about generating enough power thanks to a powerful Syno Sport hub motor producing 850 W of consistent power.

A special Sport Mode also allows riders to max the power for short bursts of added speed. The system is supported by a 48-volt battery back which guarantees a range of 112 miles on low power.

Stromer’s new e-bike also makes riding even more enjoyable thanks to technical features like Bluetooth connectivity with auto lock/unlock, easy battery charging, a smartphone mount, and a touchscreen built into the upper frame.

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