View House in L.A. by ANX

View House in L.A. by ANX

Published: June 10, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

View House, Los Angeles, California. ANX.

“Situated at the confluence of two well traveled local streets, having a close adjacency to the constant drone of the 405 Freeway, and with captivating views of the Getty Center and the surrounding mountains, the design for this 3750 sf home places an emphasis on presenting the site’s distinct views, while also providing the desired visual and aural privacy.

The project is positioned on an ascending hillside property in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. A single floor of spatially contiguous living spaces – placed upon a partially subterranean garage and blanketed by a folded steel roof – subtly opens to the lush landscape. The roof’s height and shape is manipulated in response to the internal and external spatial and programmatic requirements of the project brief, as well as the specific solar exposures of the site.

A strategically positioned aperture carefully frames the Getty Center from the living room, a corner window connects the office to the garden, a slot window provides vistas from the master bedroom, a full height window allows the dining room to expand into the rear landscape, a picture window establishes a connection to the street from the kitchen, and numerous skylights throughout the home track the sun’s path throughout the day.”

Photo credit: Brian Thomas Jones and Matt Ellis

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