Rock Legend Tommy Lee Lists Calabasas Home for $4.7M—$1.2M Less Than He Paid for It

Rock Legend Tommy Lee Lists Calabasas Home for $4.7M—$1.2M Less Than He Paid for It

Published: June 7, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Tommy Lee has re-listed his Calabasas home yet again. This time around, the drummer and proponent of the rock-and-roll lifestyle listed the property for $4.65 million. The house initially hit the market under Lee’s ownership in November of 2016, when it was asking $5.5 million. Tough going for Lee, as public records indicate he picked it up almost a decade earlier for $5.85 million.

But, to the house. Which is quite unique. It’s more or less desert contemporary in style, and dates to the late 1980’s; the exterior is stucco, with modern and traditional desert-architecture flourishes.

The interiors are a wild ride, and charming by virtue of how heavily invested they are by the owner’s personality. Considering just how many design, cultural, and architectural influences are packed into the interiors, it could’ve come off as a muddle. Instead, it’s strangely compelling, and very inviting.

Most appealing is the integration of landscaping; the home’s common living spaces are arranged Japanese-style around a central garden that is open from first floor to roof. Inlaid hardwood floors and raw wood columns and beams heighten the effect. Combine with Victorian-influenced wallpaper in other rooms, a bit of industrial, some midcentury, a dash of deco, some California Spanish, and many a dramatic shift in color tone, and you’ve got quite an amalgamation.

And, of course, a full recording studio.

Tommy Lee was a founding member of Motley Crue. The group was a mainstay of 80’s heavy rock, and disbanded in 2015.

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