Charlie Sheen Seeking Tenant for Beverly Hills Home at $43K/Month

Charlie Sheen Seeking Tenant for Beverly Hills Home at $43K/Month

Published: May 19, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Unable to sell his longtime residence in Beverly Hills, Charlie Sheen has decided to offer it for rent. Sheen had put the house up for sale earlier this year with an asking price of $10 million, but a buyer for the mansion has apparently proved elusive. Perhaps he’ll have better luck with a short-period tenant who has $43K/month to spend on a temporary home associated so strongly with one of Hollywood’s more ebulliently extroverted personalities.

And, what will $45K/month buy a tenant who wishes to call Sheen their landlord? Well, from the exterior, a home with a yen to be mistaken for an old villa in Northern Italy. The conceit is carried off well, with warm-toned stucco, wrought iron, Palladian windows, stone steps and balustrade, and an entry sporting a quartet of extravagant columns.

Within, the conceit follows through with ornamental columns, a grand living room fireplace, and exposed beams. Creature comforts are accounted for, and a games room/entertainment room and home theater that echoes a florid period cinema top the list. Rustic flourishes include plentiful hardwood, arches, and wall niches, all contributing warmth.

The property exterior rambles along a litany of sunshine necessities, including an extravagant, semi-enclosed outdoor bar and kitchen, a pool, and the tiered patio complex that launched a thousand parties.

Sheen’s more recent screen appearances include guesting on Comedy Central’s ‘Typical Rick.’

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