Bentley’s Latest Home Collection Centers Around Luxurious Kitchen

Bentley’s Latest Home Collection Centers Around Luxurious Kitchen

Published: April 28, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Nowadays, it’s not so strange to see an automobile manufacturer diversify itself as a defining theme for its customers, especially when the brand in question carries such well-defined associations of a destination lifestyle and, in Bentley‘s case, the overtone of substance. The benefit for the company lies in the fact that each division enhances the other by advertising for it, on top of making more money overall for Bentley. Genius!

To continue the momentum set in 2013 when ‘Home launched, Bentley-as-a-lifestyle recently broadened its design collection. This month the British company introduced its newest additions to the series. The pieces debuted at this year’s Salone Internazionale de Mobile in Milan. And the standout item is the Buxton kitchen.

The Buxton kitchen is the work of Italian designer and architect Carlo Colombo, and features a lilting balance of classic styling and modern refinement. Its the centerpiece of the line, and complements other pieces from Bentley Home.

In addition to a more traditional brushed larch storage unit, the kitchen features bright white Calacatta Gold marble countertops. The beautifully curated piece is also accented with smoked, diamond-pattern cut glass doors and high-tech appliances.

Opulent but modern, dark and light, Bentley’s new Buxton kitchen is unexpected in the best way possible. Bentley Home also includes a more comprehensive collection of furniture pieces that, of course, reference Bentley models like the new Continental GT.

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