Eli Manning Sets New Record in Hoboken With $3.5M Condo Sale

Eli Manning Sets New Record in Hoboken With $3.5M Condo Sale

Published: April 19, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

New York giant Eli Manning has handed off his condo in Hoboken, New Jersey for $3.55 million. The sale represents the current record for a condo sale in the city.

The previous condo record in the city was actually $3.3 million, and registered only three years ago. Hoboken is one of the coolest cities in the Northeast. It’s still got a little grit, it’s a few minutes from Manhattan, and its industrial past makes for an increasingly charming landscape as the years pass.

Manning’s former property is located in a building that has all the post-industrial utilitarian charm one could ask for. It was the warehouse of the Hudson Tea Company, which gives it a marvelous cachet…a sachet cachet, if you will. And the building is situated in an area which is poised to become a new SoHo.

If fundamental building materials and history appeal to you, you will find Manning’s old unit very appealing indeed. The warmth is intense, familiar, and comforting, with exposed brick and raw wood floors and ceilings ensconcing inhabitants in a pervasive historical context.

Other highlights include charming original details; the casement windows are a standout. Vaulted ceilings, plenty of glass, and spectacular views of the Hudson also distinguish the home.

The unit is a combination of three original apartments, and it occupies a sunny southeast corner of the building, extending to over 3,550 square feet. And it’s situated just blocks from Frank Sinatra Drive.

Quarterback Manning has played with the New York Giants since 2004.

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