This 201″ TV Was Designed Specifically for Superyachts

This 201″ TV Was Designed Specifically for Superyachts

Published: March 31, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

A superyacht just may be the ideal way to entertain. One notable oversight onboard a motor yacht is, generally, a home cinema; some luxuries of home have to be omitted to highlight the recreation profile. Well, no more. C Seed has water-borne movie-watching covered, and it’s easy to stow when the show’s over.

With the amazing superyachts out on the water these days, a regular-sized TV for on-board screenings likely seems somewhat anti-climactic. Now, to ensure owners and guests are properly entertained, C Seed has created an impressively large new television especially for big boats.

The C Seed Supermarine was designed with the Porsche Design Studio to fold into and expand from the decks of large yachts. Available in 144-inch and 201-inch versions, the Supermarine offers a picture of the highest quality, with a luminosity of 4,500 nits and 48-bit color depth.

C Seed’s seagoing screen is made mostly of steel and marine-grade aluminum, and customized deck design allows the television to tuck away safely into the deck when not in use. In addition to being 4K compatible, the new TV can also rotate up to 180 degrees for the perfect on-deck screening angle.

Viewers can expect happy ears as well as eyes: a subwoofer and two built-in broadband speakers deliver a broad frequency response. But audiophile customers can also opt for the C Seed Supermarine Speakers for even better audio output.

Make the popcorn.

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