Driver Crashes McLaren Rental, Blames Tires

Driver Crashes McLaren Rental, Blames Tires

Published: March 31, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Wrecking a rental must, one imagines, be a hassle. When the rental is a $250K McLaren, though, things get a little stickier. A Seattle man recently totaled his rented McLaren 650S, so he knows all about it.

The crash occurred in a tunnel near the Washington State Convention Center, and resulted in a total of a blue McLaren 650S Spider.  Thanks to the excellent safety engineering, though, the driver walked away uninjured; surveying the injuries sustained by the car, that’s a coup for McLaren. They may want to capitalize on the crash as proof positive that the 650S won’t fail to protect its occupants if the unimaginable occurs.

Interestingly enough, the unlucky driver claimed the crash was the result of faulty tires, an explanation which may qualify as a hard sell when Barton Keyes comes nosing around. Indeed, the Washington State Patrol cited excessive speeds and wet road conditions as the reasons for the wreck. If the driver is ticketed for speeding, his luxury rental might turn into quite the expensive credit card bill.

Photo credit: Trooper Rick Johnson/Washington State Patrol

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